Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Is My Neighbor.....

You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind……..You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:34-40

My soul longs for you my God;
Only in you can my spirit find rest.

You are Holy indeed, and you call me to holiness.

In my imperfection, I wonder what this means.
Is holiness obtainable for someone like me?
I stumble and fall so easily.

Yet your hand is always stretched toward me,
And you ask me to walk in your ways.

You remind me that you lived a simple and ordinary life.
You sought  neither fame nor fortune.
And everything the Father gave you, you shared with me.

You ask me to do likewise for my neighbor
But I am not sure who that is.......

Then you show me the one in need, the one you have put before me.
I don’t have to look very far.
My neighbor has many faces, as do all of God’s children.
And, I find him in many places.

You ask me to care for him as I would care for myself,
To share with him all that I have for his benefit, as you did for me.

You call me to holiness in the ordinary simplicity of sharing with others the love you share with me,
To stretch my hand forward and hold nothing back,
For you held nothing back for me.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. It tells me that yes I must love, love as you have loved me. To see Jesus in everyone. We are the Lords hands thank you so much for reminding me

kam said...

Thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts with us. Beautiful...

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I've tried this loving my neighbor thing.

But he keeps parking his car just opposite my drive-way making it very difficult for me to drive in or out when I'm in a hurry. He's seen me struggle reversing and going forward several times but somehow he still does not get it ... does he?

Would you love him?

P.S. - I love everyone else though!

God bless.

Daily Grace said...

Victor, you are something else!!!

CWrites said...

I like this. Thank you.

jek said...

Sometimes we don't have to look far to serve. If we are open, God will present opprotunities for us in very "everyday" moments. The questions is are we open or are we closed to ourselves? Nice reflection.

Daily Grace said...

Good point Jek. Very good point!

Daily Grace said...

Thank you Kam and Colleen.

God bless.

Mary N. said...

This is a beautiful poem-prayer. I especially loved, "To stretch my hand forward and hold nothing back, for you held nothing back from me." Perfect :) I join you in this prayer!

Daily Grace said...

Thank you Mary. If we look at Christ's life example, we have to say that He gave all. Sometimes I am so ashamed of just how little I really give.

But, everyday I have the grace to start again....hope for the journey!

noreen said...

Hi Daily Grace, what a beautiful prayer! I have to remember it because I feel I too often hold back and do not give. I went to my son's open house this evening at a Catholic School and I held back answering a question about our faith. It was in a large audience and I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I have to remember to speak up and not be afraid!

Daily Grace said...

Hi Noreen,

Don't feel bad, even the apostles held back. It was only through the power of the Holy Spirit that they gained the strength they needed.

Our God is such a patient and loving God, he knows us well and loves us as we are. That is why he is always giving us second, third & fourth chances.

Your opportunity will come around again and you "will not be afraid"!

Thanks for stopping by!


noreen said...

You are very kind and supporting DG!