Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alone in the Desert

Lost in the desert I wander,
How long will it be that I am here?
I walk for what seems like hours;
No water to be found anywhere.

The sun is high in the sky,
And its’ rays beat down on my head.
I turn to look behind me,
But only my shadow is there.

I fall to my knees and cry out,
“How long must I wander this desert?
I am thirsty and weary and weak”.

Then a voice from above, strong and gentle is heard,
“Keep going my child, you can make it;
You don’t have much further to go.
Keep straight on the path you are taking,
And know that you are never alone”.

Sometimes we all encounter what seems to be a desert experience in our
spiritual life, and our only prayer is, “Lord, I am thirsty”. Be steadfast and
do not falter. For what father would deny his child water; surely not our heavenly


Anne said...

I love your prayer! I am so thirsty!

Mary N. said...

Your words are very beautiful. It was a good day for me to hear them. Thank you:) Each time this happens to me I try to be patient because I know the Lord will quench my thirst but it can be hard sometimes; especially the desert nights when He asks us to walk by pure faith.