Thursday, October 8, 2009

Forever Yours

As I rise to face the challenges of this day, O Lord;

My heart is filled with joy, for I am aware of your constant presence within me,

Always gentle, always leading onward.

You want so much for me; you have so much to teach me.

And I am like an eager student; I want so much to learn your ways,

To follow the course you have prepared for me.

Please accept all my thoughts, words and deeds this day, as a small sign of my love for you. May I have the wisdom to see your hand at work in and through all circumstances, transforming my perspective. And in all my trials, may I rejoice with a trusting heart knowing that you are by my side.

Forever Yours


Anne said...

What a beautiful prayer, a great way to begin each day, offering it all to God.

Gabriella said...

A truly beautiful prayer :)
And beautiful picture too!
Thank you.