Friday, January 8, 2010

Day by Day

I was recently surfing one the latest Catholic blogs I had joined
called, YIM Catholic and their recent posting was titled “Because of Brother Sun, Sister Moon”. This movie had always been one of my favorites for many reasons, but the main reason is that I love Francis's humility and simplicity. He got the fact that nothing on earth could make us happy, except loving and serving God. He was a "Fool for Christ", something I could only strive for!

Anyway, after reading their post I had to order it from Netflix. Come to find out, I enjoyed it even more than  I did the first time. This time however, it is the lyric of the song in the movie, sung by the late 1960 hippie "Donovan", that keep playing over in my mind:

If you want your dream to be
Build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends
Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free
Take your time go slowly.
Do few things but do them well
Simple joys are holy.

Day by day,
Stone by stone,
Build your secret slowly.

Day by day,
You'll grow too,
You'll know heaven's glory.

If you want your dream to be
Build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends,
Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free
Take your time go slowly.

I can only speak for myself, but I know that I am always in a hurry, rushing from one thing to the next. I ask myself why I do this.  I think it just has become a habit, a way of life, so to speak. But just like a person can break a habit of smoking or nail biting, or whatever else it might be, I am going to try to kick this one, day by day!

God Bless You All,

Daily Grace


the booklady said...

Yes! Being in a hurry, trying to do too much, living 'noisy' busy lives--these things are habits--probably all the more insidious because they accumulate gradually.

I remember when I read the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster*, he talked about the importance of beginning with our inner work and working our way out. He stressed the importance of habits of quiet/silence, solitude, stillness, and slowing down.

A beautiful movie and one of my favorites as well! And dear, dear St. Francis ... if only we could ALL be so audaciously childlike! ☺

Thank you for this uplifting and edifying post Daily Grace!

*Although a Quaker, in Celebration of Discipline and his other works, Mr. Foster draws from all faith traditions; he quotes liberally from Catholic saints, Holy Scripture and classic works of Western literature, philosophy, etc.

Anne said...

I had to smile when I read this one! Not too long ago, my spiritual director told me about this movie and he quoted this entire song for me. Like you, I had to order the movie. My family and I enjoyed it very much! What fun to find the song lyrics here! Good luck to you in your efforts to build your dream slowly.

Michael said...

Ok now I feel left out. I'll have to rent this so I can join in the discussion. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Thanks for mentioning the movie. We are always on the lookout for movies for our prayer group's movie night. This sounds like a great one, especially since our mission was founded by Franciscans.

Daily Grace said...

Thank you all for your comments. booklady, "Celebration of Discipline" sounds like something I would be interested in reading,thanks for mentioning it.

God Bless~DG

Jackie said...

I've been wanting to get this movie too! St. Francis is awesome!

Daily Grace said...

Oh, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!