Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet Surrender

O, that I might prepare for you an agreeable dwelling place in my heart.

Jesus, Almighty Savior, come to my aid.
~St. John Neumann

The dawn of the New Year brought heavy rains to coastal California. Our windshield wipers danced quickly, working hard to maintain visibility while we made our way back home after a few days of visiting dear friends.

As I looked out the car window at the rain soaked hillsides, I thought to myself how appropriate this scene was, the old year was being washed away and the earth’s rough exterior was being softened, preparing for something new. In  the quiet of that moment the falling rain seemed to speak to my heart, “prepare yourself for something new”.

Thoughts of mother Mary came to my mind, “Be it done to me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38). Divine will ruled her life. Humble obedience was her gift to God and she lived out her daily life simply taking care of the task at hand and faithfully accomplishing it.

Amazing grace was hers, and the spirit of the Lord that came upon her remained with her forever.

Her sweet surrender is a daunting thought.

 I began to think of resolutions for the New Year,something I have never been good at. But the thought of Mary grew within me while I prayed to the Lord, “Thy will be done”. Then I heard a gentle whisper say, “ Live in the present moment, be attentive to those around you and complete each task given you faithfully. The rest will follow.”

God's plan for us is so simple. Why do we always try to make it more complicated?

May God be with you all in this New Year.


Unknown said...

A great reminder as we begin this new year! Thanks for the reminder! I thank God for our friendship and your inspiration!

Abbey's Road said...

A most beautiful and touching post, Grace. You are so insightful .... it is good for me to see this in others with the hope that I will also become more insightful and think on a more spiritual level.

Abbey ♥

Mary N. said...

Thank you, DG, this was beautiful! I loved the word you received! I don't know why we have a tendency to complicate things. It must have something to do with our fallen nature, I guess. No wonder we have to pray for wisdom. God bless you, DG! I loved this post!

Karen said...

Beautiful reflection. I'm not sure what it is about surrender that is so hard, but it's never my first option. But I'm hoping to grow in grace and faith there.

Love the image of God washing away the old year and softening the ground for something better to take root! :-)

Anne said...

"Prepare yourself for something new."

I like that! And the sweet surrender of our Mother-I think sometimes we take that for granted and don't realize that each day she most likely had to re-surrender herself to God's plan for her in that specific moment. What a beautiful example for us to follow!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Baptismal Waters, cleansing, renewing and giving new life. Beautiful wisdom, 'God's plan is so simple'

Daily Grace said...

I like the thought of the Baptismal Waters.

Thank you Andie.