Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Come as a Servant

The spirit of gratitude was upon you
For He had cured you of your many infirmities.

Magdalene, Joanna, Chuza and Susana,
In a time when it was uncommon for women to be in ministry,
Your faith and strength led you from your homes in Galilee. 

You gathered together your belongings
And in joyful service set out with Him and the Twelve
As He journeyed from town to town…….. 

Day by day you were with Him as He preached the good news of the God’s kingdom.
Your spirits danced within His presence as His love and mercy showed no bounds.

You understood when He said that He had come to serve and not be served,
And you vowed to follow in His footsteps.

Oh holy women of Galilee, pray for us that yearn to follow Him today,
That we too, may have the grace to come as a servant.

(Adapted from Luke 8 1:3 and Mark 10:32-45)


Maria said...

Thanks for this post. So little we hear about these disciples - I'm inspired now to learn more about them.

Unknown said...

So beautiful and easy to make our own. Thanks for this one!
God bless.

jek said...

Being that March is "Women's History Month" it is so appropriate that you highlight for us these women as examples of service and faith!

Tracy said...

This post is beautiful, the picture also is so lovely, it really speaks to me, thank you!

Daily Grace said...

Maria, Karinann, Jek and Tracy, we have so many wonderful faithfilled woman that have gone before us and that walk among us. Their examples can be so inspiring.

Thank you for your comments.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Daily. I love to read the Gospels and the exchanges between Jesus and the women. He always showed such love and compassion and gentleness, just beautiful.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for this lovely post.

God bless.

Christmas-etc... said...

Hi! I come to you from Victor's blog. This is such a beautiful post!
I've done quite an in-depth study on these myrrhbearing women that you might enjoy. I've posted much of it on my blog. Please join me - I'd love to have you along!

Daily Grace said...

Dear Ann,

What a blessing to have you stop by! I am very interested in these myrrbearing women. And would appreciate reading much more about them.

Thank you....God bless

Abbey's Road said...

Awesome, Grace! I loved this one!

Michael said...