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In Adoration you meet Jesus

Adoration of Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament is a paramount source to keep going at a difficult time, visionary Ivan Dragicevic says in a new interview. Ivan also confirms the seers to share a number of identical secrets, tells to be half finished writing his book, and calls the relationship between New Orleans and Medjugorje “important and significant”.
ivan dragicevic medjugorje visionary
Ivan Dragicevic

It is urgently needed for man to follow and live the Virgin Mary’s messages from Medjugorje. It is not always easy, particularly not when times are difficult. But there are sources to turn to for strength, and meeting with Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament will make everything easier, Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic says in the January issue of The Medjugorje Star.

“Our Lady told me a couple of times,“I know my children are trying to live my message”. If people are trying, this is a very good step.” Ivan says.

“Living in this world today especially at this time, sometimes it is hard, even for me. I am trying every day. We need to be following, following Our Lady’s messages. We need to always be fighting to live the messages.”

medjugorje adoration jesus blessed sacrament
Adoration in Medjugorje

The struggle is spiritual in nature, and it is not intended for man to fight it alone:

“Everything will be easier if we put Jesus first. Our Lady recommends going to Adoration of Jesus. In Adoration you meet Jesus; and when you meet Jesus, Jesus tells you everything you need. After you start Adoration of Jesus, everything else is easier” Ivan tells The Medjugorje Star.

“Joy, joy, joy can only be in Jesus. Nobody can give joy except Jesus. Reading the Bible, you will see joy. That is what Our Lady is asking, to read the Bible. Our Lady asks for confession to cleanse ourselves of sin. When the Holy Spirit and grace comes in your heart, there is a river of love. A river of joy then becomes your heart. Remove all negative and you will be open for the Holy Spirit.”

Seers share a number of secrets; book half finished

jesus saint louis cathedral new orleans
The statue of Jesus outside Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans. Ivan calls the city's relationship to Medjugorje significant and important

During the interview, Ivan confirms the Medjugorje visionaries to share a number of the same secrets entrusted to them by the Virgin Mary. Visionary Vicka Ivankovic said the same in the mid-1980s but later the notion sprung up that The Permanent Sign is the only future event known with certainty by all the visionaries:

“Our Lady does not give six visionaries 60 different secrets. Some secrets are the same. When I stay in Medjugorje in the summer when most of the visionaries are there, I talk to some of them during coffee time, especially Jakov and Mirjana. We talk of the same secrets.” Ivan tells The Medjugorje Star.

Two other noteworthy bits from the interview deal with the book that Ivan says he is writing with The Virgin Mary’s help, and about Medjugorje’s relationship to New Orleans where the interview was conducted by Mimi Kelly of The Mir Group in early November 2011:

“I am working for a long time on my book. The book is half finished. I need more time. So many papers stay on my table. The last couple of years I have been so busy with traveling and speaking in churches. Privately, Our Lady gives me things especially for priests, young people, family, and children” Ivan says.

And about New Orleans:

“I think New Orleans is my second home. I come one or two times a year. New Orleans is a foundation for Medjugorje. After the apparitions began in 1981, some of the first pilgrims came from New Orleans. The relation between Medjugorje and New Orleans is important. It is significant.”
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Maria said...

WOW. I always thought what happened with Katrina was Biblical proportion, no joke. In a way I can't say I'm surprised.

Every day I pray that Mary will bring me to Medjugorje. I know she will when the time is right.

jek said...

Adoration does make everything easier. It is amazing how much more settled you feel afterwards. Good post.

Daily Grace said...

Maria, if you have a call to Medjugorje, Our Lady will bring you there. It took me a good 20 years of desiring to go before I got to go. I hope you get to go sooner than that ;).

God bless

Daily Grace said...

Jek, I agree!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for this post Daily Grace. I have plenty to think about here.

Thank you also for your kind words on my Blog and for sharing it on Facebook.

I'm not good with Facebook, and could not find your article.

God bless you.

Daily Grace said...

God bless you Victor!

Patricia said...

DG, this is so interesting. My sister and I often wonder if anything new is happening with Medjugorje since so many years (decades) have passed. We are also originally from New Orleans, and it is true that many, many of the early pilgrims were from there..including us.

I await the Church's decision on this apparition, but it seems to be standing the test of time. I know that I was deeply touched during my visit there, and received graces which remained with me for many months and probably even years.

Thanks for the update! : )

Love and blessings,

Michael said...

Thanks DG. Really interesting.

That statue of Jesus and the shadow it casts is awesome!

God Bless.

Daily Grace said...


That is very interesting that you and your sister were among some of the early pilgrims from Ne Orleans.

Medjugorje does appear to with stand the test of time. The fruits of Medjugorje, especially the vocations of wonderful priests that have come from there is amazing. The priest on my side bar, Fr. Sousa is part of that fruit!

God bless