Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues

 Father Robert Barron has another engaging presentation concerning the Seven Deadly Sins, those great spiritual blocks that inhibit our flourishing in relationship with God and one another.   Based on Dante’s writings, the seven deadly sins correspond to the seven stories of Dante’s Mt. Purgatory.    Pride, envy, anger, sloth, gluttony, avarice and lust are all presented as patterns of dysfunction within us that lead to unhappiness.

You can catch  part of the series on EWTN. Check their program guide for times in your area. Or, you can also order this great series from Word On Fire

  Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins.  ~ Thomas Aquinas

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Patricia said...

Hi DG,

I would love to see this.. Father Barron is amazing. I DVR'd some episodes of his series on Catholicism which EWTN ran a few weeks ago. Haven't had time to watch yet, but am looking forward to them. Love all his work..

Thanks for sharing!