Thursday, November 1, 2012

Striving for Sainthhood

May all of the holy angels and saints intercede for you on this very special feast day~

Today, the Church celebrates All Saints Day. The magnificent diversity of the Saints indicates to us that we have been called to holiness. Holiness is about more than a kind of humanism; it's about a deliberate and sincere discipline of life by which we imitate Christ and accept his presence in all the circumstances of our lives.

Fr. Barron's sermon on this great Solemnity and Holy Day of Obligation is featured here. In this sermon, Fr. Barron speaks of the panoply of saints, both those who are similar to us and those who bring out the parts of us that are "in shadow." He speaks of how making those complementary saints our friends can help sanctify this shadow side.

He also reminds us that it is now "our turn" to become saints. God desires us to be with him; he wants more saints-- now is the time.

In addition, here is the preview clip from Episode 8 of the CATHOLICISM series in which Father Barron speaks of the "little way" of the great saint, Therese of Lisieux:

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