Friday, August 16, 2013

Lonely Writer’s Song

 God has always shared His grace to me through others, and this morning was one of those times of sharing.
 As I finished my daily scripture  readings, I came across this heartfelt poem from a young Catholic mother. The words she wrote reminded me that the Lord alone is my comfort and my rock. He is all I will ever need.

Love and Be Loved ~ A Daily Practice
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“When my spirit is failing within me,
still, Lord, you know my paths.” ~ Psalm 142:4

The middle of the day
is dead of night to me,
the evening even more;

But Lord, you know my heart,
my mind, my soul; you are near me
upon this desolate shore.

When everything is darkness,
when everyone has fled
and I am left alone,

You, Lord, are my comfort,
the rock
upon which I build my home.

And though you seem to hide,
to forget,
to care not where I go,

Each morning I awake,
I remember,
it is you whom I should love more.

For it is you who brings the morning,
brings the sun
and wakes my soul,

You who lifts my spirit,
calms my mind,
and makes me whole.


Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Thank You Daily Grace. What a wonderful prayer.

The Mad-Eyed Monk said...

Beautiful prayer and writer!!! Thanks for posting this...God Bless...

Michael said...

Wonderful start to my day - thank you!

God Bless.

Daily Grace said...

Thank you Ed, MEM and Michael. I am glad enjoyed Amy's poem. I hope you would check out her blog!

Colleen said...

Beautiful prayer! Thank you!