Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Love of Eternal Wisdom

God of my fathers, LORD of mercy, you who have made all things by your word
And in your wisdom have established man to rule the creatures produced by you,
To govern the world in holiness and justice, and to render judgment in integrity of heart:
            Give me Wisdom…..

Send her forth from your holy heavens and from your glorious throne dispatch her that she may be with me and work with me, that I may know what is your pleasure.
For she knows and understands all things, and will guide me discreetly in my affairs and safeguard me by her glory; Thus my deeds will be acceptable, and I shall judge your people justly and be worthy of my father's throne.  
 From the book of Wisdom 9

Solomon did not ask God for worldly possessions; instead he asked for wisdom, that he may serve the Lord and govern the people in holiness and justice.

How do we find the wisdom that we seek?

He who wishes to become wise and perfect, must put into practice these three golden counsels, which Eternal Wisdom spoke to St Arsenius: Flee, hide, be silent….Flee as  much as possible from the company of men, as the greatest saints have done.” Imitation of Christ, bk.I,ch.20,no1 
Let your life be hidden with Christ in God; be silent in the company of men that you may converse with Divine Wisdom.  "He who knows how to keep silent is a wise man." Sir 20:5

St. Louis de Montfort tells us in, The Love of Eternal Wisdom, that we must fast, watch before the Blessed Sacrament, talk with God during the silent hours of the night and practice other austerities, as exemplified in the lives of the holy penitents.

In the loud and busy world we all live in it is hard to find the silence we need to hear the voice of Divine Wisdom. We must flee, hide and be silent. No matter how busy we are we must make the time. 

"Dear children! Today I am calling you to renew
your hearts. Open yourselves to God and surrender to him all your
difficulties and crosses so, God may turn everything into joy.
Little children, you cannot open yourselves to God if you do not
pray. Therefore, from today, decide to consecrate a time in the
day only for an encounter with God in silence. In that way you
will be able, with God, to witness my presence here. Little
children, I do not wish to force you. Rather freely give God your
time, like children of God. Thank you for having responded to my
call." BVM, July 25, 1989


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Spectacular picture!!

Colleen said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you.

God bless you always.

Michael said...

Very nice. This post really hit home for me as I am constantly trying to remind myself to make some quiet time to listen to Him. As you pointed out, its not the easiest thing to do in the world we live in ...

God Bless you.

kam said...

"...flee, hide and be silent." Wow, I love that.

Angela said...

sigh....how my spirit has been refreshed.

thank you.

You know I was thinking about those that do not ever read the words of the Catholic Bible,,the ones that have taken out these glorious wonderful books believing they were not inspired by God.....Sirach, Wisdom, etc...Judith..oh my...so much blessings, so much wisdom, so much truth of God in them...