Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calling on Angels

It was a rough afternoon at the clinic. Within the short shift that I worked, two different young women came in for pregnancy testing and ultra sounds.

The first young woman, married with a 4 month old, had taken a pregnancy test at home. Her results had been positive, but she wanted to double check and talk with a nurse. After taking another urine test, the results concurred, she was definitely pregnant. She left the clinic surprised, but happy, and went home to share her news with her husband and family members.

The second young woman was unmarried .She had only been with her boyfriend for 3 months and they had just broke up. She was there with one thought in mind, and it wasn’t to parent. She took a pregnancy test, and while we waited for the nurse to come in, we began to talk.

Being a pro-life clinic, we talked to her about her options for parenting and adoption, but it was easy to see her mind was closed to this. As the client advocate I was working with spoke to her further, I began to pray, begging our Blessed Mother to intercede on this baby’s behalf. Surprisingly, I began to tell her about a crisis pregnancy that I had had when I was only 16, a story I have told few people. I told her that even though it was a very difficult time for me at the beginning; it turned out to be such a wonderful blessing because that beautiful son of mine is now a father of two himself, and they are all  joys of my heart. I also told her about my son in law, a big loveable guy, who had recently joined our family. He had been adopted and now, not only did my daughter get to experience the joy and love that his life offers, but  my entire family and I get to share the joy of his life too!

The staff nurse came in and greeted the young woman warmly, and she began to talk to her about her pregnancy, her family, and her thoughts on keeping her baby. After the young girl’s responses, the nurse answered all her questions in detail. Things did not look promising; but, she did agree to an ultra sound.

As she reclined on the table, the nurse began the procedure. The image on the screen was very clear and the precious little heart was beating away. The nurse asked her if she would like to take a look and with wide eyed curiosity she said,"Yes". As she looked at her child’s image on the screen she smiled and when she left, she took the picture with her, along with some prenatal vitamins.

I don’t know how this will turn out, but I'm calling on angels to pray for them both. Pray hard, please.


Anonymous said...

Will definetly pray about this. It sounds like you are doing some very meaningful volunteer work--go Mom!

Unknown said...

Thank you for being of of God's angels. I love you and thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

I am so blessed to have my beautiful big brother and my loving husband!

Danny said...

Well done Mom! You're doing good work!

Gabriella said...

You certainly are a 'Daily Grace' for all those who meet you at the clinic :)

I will keep this young mother in my prayers.

Anne said...

I love all of the comments on this post!

You are doing so much good, I imagine there are many angels in heaven who are smiling over all of the little lives that are saved because of your intervention!

I will join you in prayer and pray hard.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I'm praying for this mother and her child. But I'm also praying for you for the good work you do.

Daily Grace said...

Thank you all for your prayers,the gift of life is so precious!

JoAnne Prizio said...

Bless You! Thank you for sharing your intermost feelings with us.

Michael said...

You are an angel for sure. Prayers for that girl and her child. And for you!