Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Then He spoke of exterminating them, but Moses, His chosen one, withstood Him in the breach to turn back His destructive wrath." –Psalm 106:23

As I read today’s passage from the book of Exodus, the word “intercession” comes to mind. Though Israel turns from God, Moses intercedes on behalf of the people and asks God to show them mercy.

Like Israel, we too have turned away from God many times in our lives, individually and as a nation. Our molten calf might not be made of wood and gold, but what we tend to worship can come in many forms; these things lead us more toward self interest and less toward the kingdom and glory of God.

Thankfully, God in His mercy is aware of our weakness and He sends us wonderful angels of intercession to help us find our way back to Him. These angels come in many forms, such as family members, friends or people in our Christian community. But above all these, He sends us the Blessed Mother, Queen of the Angels, Mother of the Living God.

Mary intercedes for us before the Father and she is always asking us to intercede for the needs of the world as well.

“Have them believe and pray; I cannot help him who does not pray and does not sacrifice…The more you pray and fast for the same intention, the greater is the grace and the mercy of God.” BVM Medjugore 8/18/1982

May we all become intercessors for others and the world as a whole.


Anonymous said...


Victor S E Moubarak said...

A great lesson. Thank you.

God bless.

Anne said...

Angels of intercession-what a wonderful expression! I have a few of those, I'll have to remember to thank them for their prayers!

kam said...

Very nice, and thanks for the post.

the booklady said...

Daily Grace,

There are so many who have NO ONE to pray for them, or think that anyway. Our priest includes them during his intercessory prayers at daily Mass. He says, "...and especially for those who feel they have no one to pray from them, let us pray to LORD!" If only those poor souls could know they have secret spiritual allies fighting for them. Well someday, they will! God bless you for your prayers and this post!

Daily Grace said...


I like the thought of secret spiritual allies fighting for them!

Thank you for your comment.

God bless