Monday, March 29, 2010

The Scourging at the Pillar

The Second Sorrowful Mystery.

Posted by dad.

They bound you to a post in Pilate's court and scrounged you mercilessly. Following each strike, wounds remained. Your blood flowed; you were loosing your strength and were in pain. You offered all this for us in order to free us from evil and sin.

How does one identify with this kind of suffering? Even if you tried you would come up miserly short. When I was asked to reflect on this decade of the rosary I found myself despairing because it brought to mind the greatest sorrow in my own life, the loss of my 3 year old son who was struck down by a station wagon in front of our home. The driver came around the corner of our street with a load of 2x4’s hanging out his rear window. My son and a young neighborhood boy were out front at the time. The neighbor boy took my son by the hand to take him across the street to play. The driver was watching the shifting lumber that was not tied down in his car and he did not see the boys crossing the street. At that instant our lives were forever dramatically changed. I could not forget or forgive that person.

For years I wished that moment would be taken away; my anger grew and this affected the rest of my family. The only thing that kept me going was to know my son was in a better place with his heavenly Father and that some day I would be with him in heaven.

Thank you Lord for giving us your son Jesus so that we may all be united together in

Lord, I offer my prayers for those who, in their hearts, carry the wounds they receive in their lives. Jesus, break those wounds that may cause them to fall into new evils, scourging themselves and others. Jesus, break the chains of evil and sin so that your peace, love and forgiveness may come to dwell in every heart. I offer my prayers to you for parents who have scourged their children with drunken behavior, faithlessness, drugs, gambling, fights and divorces. Please free families from these evils. Grant that all of their wounds be healed so that we may experience peace, joy and both spiritual and physical health. Amen. 1

1 Fr. Slavko Barbaric, O.F.M


kam said...

I'll be the first to admit I've never thought of the Scourging that way. Thank you for opening my eyes. k

the booklady said...

Daily Grace,

I am so sorry for your loss! I can understand how it would have been so hard to forgive!!! I can hardly imagine your pain... And yet, you have come so far, to be able to use it now as a part of your prayer, to offer it up for others who are also suffering ... thank you! Today, I will join my little sufferings with yours and offer them up to Him so that, '...peace, love and forgiveness may come to dwell in every heart.'

God bless and comfort you ... and all who suffer loss or struggle with forgiveness!

Daily Grace said...


Thank you for your kind words. My dad wrote this post and yesterday's post. He has come a long way and I know those prayers will mean so much to him.

aspiring... said...

I, like KAM, had not considered that scourging also correlates to interior or spiritual realities. Thanks for saying just that, KAM.

And I echo the thoughts so well-expressed by the booklady. "And yet, you have come so far, to be able to use it now as a part of your prayer, to offer it up for others who are also suffering ... thank you!"

Very insightful of your father, and thorough in his prayer, to address scourging of oneself; and to address the evolutionary or cyclical nature of all types of abuses.

Greetings to you Daily Grace and to your father. Know that I join you in this prayer. And God bless you, I pray.

Daily Grace said...


Thank you so much for your beautiful words you wrote here. I have forwarded this message to my dad. I know it will mean a lot to him.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Your father's writing is from the heart and his passion to his faith is expressed beautifully through his words. This post, as the others has put a new light on "scourging". I so appreciate his opening of his heart so that we can become better within our faith. Gods blessings and love to you all! Barbara