Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finding the True Presence

Today you have a hard time finding Jesus. But if you can find that lit lamp in the church, then you know where the Lord is. That light indicates that in that tabernacle is the Love of All Love-Infinite Love. You can’t love unless you get close to love. You can’t have a fire unless you get close to a fire. You can’t be warm unless you’re near the heat. We have to know that we are loved by a God who is real and present.

~ Mother Angelica

How many times have you drawn near to walk with me my Lord

And I have not recognized you;

How many times have I been slow of heart, debating your truth,

Looking for an easier path to follow?

But you O Lord are always faithful,

And in your great mercy you have never abandoned me;

Your presence is always before me, comforting, consoling and nourishing me.

Like Peter and John, you call me to your table

And in the breaking of the bread,

I am with you and You are with me.

Strengthen me in faith O Lord,

That I may bring that faith to others.

In Your Name I Pray


Mary N. said...

This is a beautiful prayer so I joined you in praying it :)

Mother Angelica is a riot, the funniest nun that I ever saw! I used to watch her show all the time. Wise and hilarious - what a mixture! Her books were great, too.

Anne said...

The Mother Angelica quote is wonderful, but your prayer is even more wonderful! Learning to recognize the Lord when He walks with us is a tremendous gift!

aspiring... said...


As Mary and Anne said, your prayer is beautiful, and wonderful... I'd like to join you in it also.

This part especially draws me today: "How many times have you drawn near to walk with me my Lord And I have not recognized you." Thank you, Daily Grace, for what I'm quickly coming to think of as a 'heads up' for today...

God bless you, I pray...

Daily Grace said...

Mary and Anne, I'm glad you enjoy Mother Angelica as much as I do. She is a strong woman of faith whose love for Jesus has touched so many hearts.

Thank you for your kind words, they bring both encouragement and inspiration.

Daily Grace said...


I am most grateful that our paths have crossed. It is times like this that I see the hand of the Father extended toward me.

God bless