Sunday, June 19, 2011

Such Sad News

Please continue to pray for Fr. John Corapi and for all our priests.


Victor S E Moubarak said...


God bless.

jek said...

Very disapointing. God works in mysterious ways, let's pray that this new phase in Fr. Corapi's life will draw more people to conversion. His obedience still rings through, but I do think this is a bird that cannot be caged. Praying for him and his important message.

Daily Grace said...

Victor & Jek,

Our prayers are so necessary.

God bless

Mary N. said...

I read about this and was very upset. Here we have a priest who has converted thousands and we are losing him as a shepherd! I'm praying for him, too.

Daily Grace said...

God bless Mary.

Unknown said...

I have been praying for Fr. Corapi since this whole thing started with the accusations against him 3 months ago. When I saw this video over the weekend, it gave me chills, and not the good kind. It is as if something in him snapped.
In any event- continued prayers for him and all our priests, they are on the front lines in this spiritual combat.