Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Call for Bread

Fasting has become a forgotten religious Biblical and Christian theme. And its concepts are largely lost in the Church.

Today, we know that many illnesses are caused by excessive eating and drinking. Obesity is on the rise in adults and children and many of us have developed a disorderly relationship with food in general. As a result of this, many people are returning to a more natural and healthy way of eating.

Throughout the Old and New Testament we see that fasting has always been connected with prayer as a means to peace. Prophets fasted before accepting their service as prophets and before special revelations. Jesus fasted prior to His public life and said that those that are His own will also fast.

Our Lady calls us to peace, fasting, prayer and conversion. She calls everyone to pray all three Mysteries of the Rosary and to fast two days a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays.

To many people this call seems excessive, unrealistic and impossible. Yet, the history of fasting shows the Jewish people already fasted two days, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Jesus did not discard the value of fasting nor did He forbid fasting twice a week. He only forbade judging others.

In calling us to fast two days a week, Mary remains in the tradition of Her Israelite nation and reminds us of the multi- century tradition of the Eastern and Western Church. 1

August 14, 1984 (Tuesday) This apparition was unexpected. Ivan
was praying at home. After that he started to get ready to go to
Church for the evening services. By surprise Our Lady appeared to
him and told him to relate to the people. "I would like the
people to pray along with me these days. And to pray as much as
possible! And to fast strictly on Wednesdays and Fridays, and
every day to pray at least one Rosary: the joyful, sorrowful and
glorious mysteries." Our Lady asked that we accept this message
with a firm will. She especially requested this of the
parishioners and the faithful of the surrounding places.

I offer this day of fasting and prayer, to which You call me, for Your intentions so that peace may enter into every heart, into every family, into the Church and into the world. Amen

1  Fasting with the Heart, Fr. Slavko Barbaric


Unknown said...

Yours is the second post I have read on this topic this week. (Think God may be trying to remind me of something :)This really is a practice many of us have gone away from except on days of obligated fast. There is much we can offer our fasting for.
Thanks for this post and the gentle reminder of the merits and graces in fasting.
God Bless!

Daily Grace said...

Thank you Karinann for commenting. If it isn't too much trouble would you send the link to the other post on fasting? I would love to read it!

God bless you!

aspiring... said...

Dear Daily Grace,

Warm greetings to you in Jesus,

Off topic and for your info, I have turned off my blog 'aspiring f.o.o.L., a woman at the well' - a tough decision to be sure. The only way to do that short of deleting the blog entirely is to restrict access. After I've had time to copy out any of my own writing that I want to keep, I will at that time delete the blog entirely. In the meantime and unfortunately, the message reading that the blog is "open to invited readers only" is misleading. And so I want to be sure you know that it's not a question of invitation at all.

I would love to still visit your site... and perhaps comment once in a while, too?

Much love to you and prayer for you, aspiring...

kam said...

Amen, Sister, this post brought tears to my eyes. As we know, fasting is not hard, it's just alien to us, so we make it more difficult than it is. For me, on Wed. and Fri. I try to make a bigger attempt to go deeper, to shift the importance of the world even more to the spiritual side, to focus even more in on God, which is hard if one is at work. We can't completly let go of our responsibilities but we can give them a far, back seat. Thanks, D.G., for this important post. Peace! k

Daily Grace said...


Thank you for the inspirational example you have been to me regarding Our Lady's message on fasting.

Peace Always!

Daily Grace said...


I am sad to think that you will not be blogging in the future, you always fill my mind with much to think about regarding the faith.

I have missed your comments and always look forward to your visits.

God be with you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me to fast on Wednesday. I fast on Fridays but will try to do both days again

Mary N. said...

Funny...fasting has been on my mind lately, too. I know how powerful fasting and prayer are together but fasting from food twice a week is hard. I really need to do this though. Thanks for your post. I wrote a comment about fasting on someone's blog today and realized that I could do better at this, too. I think the Holy Spirit was telling me that I could do more.

Daily Grace said...


It is hard, very hard. I was told to pray for the "gift of fasting"! That was the first time I had heard it called a gift. But you know, I believe it is a gift. Our Lady says that fasting and prayer can change hearts, families and the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments, I look forward to them always.

Anne said...

This is so interesting and a wonderful reminder! I think that fasting must be one of the strongest forms of prayer because it is so difficult!

footstepofgrace said...

As child growing up I always had problems with my health. However, I love to eat especially when mom cooks her homemade dinners and deserts. Despite that I always couldn't eat lunch... i wouldn't eat breakfast even when I had to go to school everyday. I knew it to be due to my nerves which I inherited and come find as well later one I also inherited what is called now Acid flex. So I half watch what i eat but eat more fiber within my foods which is no problem since I am enough fiber food better then regular. I thank God for guiding me to read this post you have here. Your blessing.

Daily Grace said...

Miss Davis,

Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting. Acid reflex is a terrible thing to have. My husband suffers from this and often has to sleep sitting up.

Peace to you today and always.

the booklady said...

Thank you for this gentle and timely reminder. Although so often I want to leave fasting behind after Lent as a penitential practice, it is useful year round as a spiritual discipline, especially when done with its two traditional pillars, prayer and almsgiving.

God bless you Daily Grace!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Fasting can also be of benefit to others when we give up a meal or two, or give up something as abstinence for a period e.g. chocolates, drinks etc ... and give the money saved to charity.

God bless.

Daily Grace said...

booklady and Victor,

You are both so right to add almsgiving, I overlooked that part.

Thank you both and God's peace to you!